Mary G. Porter Traditional School

Asra Shuaib

What Is Porter Traditional School?

Porter Traditional School is a public traditional school. This means that though it's free, students must apply to attend. It also has a uniform and ranges from first through eighth grade. These are just some of the things that set Porter apart from normal schools. We have our Star Qualities, which are traits that students are persuaded and rewarded for having. And also a smaller amount of students, which results in teachers being able to cater more to induvidual students.


In order to attend Porter, students must apply. In order to do so, parents must fill out an application. Students are then drawn from a lottery, meaning everyone has an equal chance of geting in. The students whose names are drawn then come to Porter where they must write an essay on why they would like to attend this school. And once the school year begins, these students can finally attend Porter.
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Benefits Of Attending Porter

Although most kids aren't enthusiastic about attending a school that is so different from others, they actaully benfit from the way Porter is run. Having a uniform takes the stress out of choosing what to wear to school, whereas in a typical middle school, clothes would probably matter a lot more. Also in schools with many students, it is harder for students to get to know their teachers and classmates, so having less students means that,even though less people get to enjoy this school, teachers have more time to help students induvidually, and students can do better in class. Students also know their classmates better since their are so few of them, so they are probably more comfortable around each other, making school a more enjoyable experiance.

Why Should You Want To Attend Porter?

Every year, hundreds of students apply to Porter. There must be a reason for this, right? Well there are many previously listed things that make our school appealing to so many people. Parents usually like the idea of teachers who have less students to teach, as it means that their kids will be able to learn more easily and get help if needed. Also, many people probably choose Porter because of the lack of bad examples attending. And some poeple may just appreciate uniforms, or Traditional schools in general.
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