Sensorimotor Period

8-12 months

By Aimee and Hailey

What happens during this period?

During this period your child should start to perform certain actions, such as imitating the actions of others, sorting objects by size, and can understand simple words and phrases such as "Come to Mommy".

Characteristics of period

  • They begin to solve problems
  • Can find partially hidden objects
  • Imitates others

What are infants doing?

During this stage, infants should:

  • be able to say a few words
  • remember things that happened
  • solve simple problems
  • fit blocks/ or boxes inside one another
  • say "mama" and "dada" for parents

Activities for infants to participate in

  • they should be able to feed themselves
  • play games like peek-a-boo and such
  • be able to put together a simple puzzle
  • they should be able to poke and such