The Secret Journey

By: Peg Kehret



Conflict-External because she gets into a ship wreak and finds land and has to try to survive.

Setting- Aunts house, Dark lighting boat to Africa

Rising action- Emma runs away from her aunts house

Climax-Emma finds land after her ship wreak and has to try to survive until help comes.


"Papa treated her as if she were a foolish toddler, rather than an almost 12 year old young lady."
This passage on page 2 shows her age and she wants to be treated older than what her Papa treats her.

"She could tell that Papa expected her to argue or to ask questions, but Emma only nodded her head and said "Yes, sir."

"It didn't matter what arrangements Papa had made, because Emma had a plan."

This passage shows that she disobeyed her father.


The theme is never give up because Emma didn't give up on going to France to find her mom.


"No!", slipped out of Emma's mouth.

"Emma!" papa voice was stern. come here at once. How dare you hide in the dark and listen to our talk with out permission?"

"I only wanted to know how mama is. I didn't mean to oh papa please dont make me stay with Aunt Martha and Odolf. Please ,papa!"

"Hush," her father said " I'll make arrangements that i deem best for you."

"but you don't know what it's like when i'm there," Emma said. "Odofls a bully. He teases and taunts,and Aunt Martha believes him when he says our arguments are all my fault. oh, papa,it's dreadful there and besides i want to stay with mama."

"That's enough, Emma." her father said in anger..

It's important because Emma doesn't want to stay with her Aunt Martha and Odolf because he bully's her and she really want to be with her mom. It is also important because it shows that Emma is not afraid to stand up for herself to her father.

Figurative language

Personification-A flock of parrots chattered their disapproval.

imagery-Her clothes were drenched and her hair was stuck to the sides of her face.