Abnormal Psychology Disorders

By: Taylor Diaz

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What is a psychological disorder?

A disorder of the mind involving thoughts, behaviors, and emotions that cause either self or others significant distress.

What are the 3 D’s of abnormal psychology?

What is the DSM?

The reference manual mental health professionals and physicians use to diagnose mental disorders in the United States.

What are the most important changes from the DSM IV to the DSM V?

Who is David Rosenhan's?

An American psychologist. He is best known for the Rosenhan experiment, a study challenging the validity of psychiatry diagnoses


Dennis Holt and His Panic Disorder

Dennis was diagnosed after an incident at the local store. His hands began to tremble uncontrollably and he felt weak all over. He ran out of the store and to their car terrified and Elaine ( his wife) found him there and forced him to seek professional help. This all happened when Dennis was at the age of 31.

How did this effect Dennis's life?

He went day by day fearing the thought of having a panic attack. He feared not being able to understand why he couldn't breathe and why he was so scared.

Do they have to/choose to take any medications? What type of therapy have they received?

He did have to eventually take medicine prescribed by his doctor. He underwent cognitive- behavior treatment.

List of films & books that deal with this disorder.

Movies: "Nerve", "Elling"

Books: "Surviving Panic Disorder", " Hope and Help for your Nerves"

List of any well-known people with this disorder.

Emma Stone

John Mayer

Oprah Winfery