Capital: Lansing

Nickname:''Great lake state''

Date of Statehood:Jan. 26,1837

State Flower:Apple Blossom

State Bird:Robin

State Tree:White Pine

3 interesting Facts about Michigan:The first state in the Union to outlawed affirmative action for college admission,The worlds largest registered Holstein dairy is in Elsie,

The canal and locks lake Houfon were opened in 1855.

3 tourist attractions in Michigan:Michigan's Adventure theme park,Detroit,Michigan Zoo,Worlds largest cherry battle



Nickname:''Cornhusker state''

Date of Statehood:March 1,1867

State Flower:Goldenrod

State Bird:Western Meadawlark

State Tree:Populus sect. Aigeiros

3 interesting facts about Nebraska:Nebraska was once called "The Great American Desert'',

State motto:''Equality before the law'',Nebraska is the birthplace of the Reuben Sandwitch.

3 tourist attractions in Nebraska:Fun-Plex Chimney rock national Historic site,Durham museum.


Capital: Montgomery

Nickname: "cotton state''

Date of statehood: Dec. 14, 1819

State Flower: Yellow Hammer

By: Eric Daake