Totalitarianism is Like

Victoria's parents from the Corpse Bride

Victoria's parents, Lord and Lady Everglot, reminds me of totalitarianism because are very controlling over all aspects of Victoria's live. Their very unemotional and only care about themselves, what the community thinks of them, and the over wellbeing of their family lineage.

Victor meets Victoria
This clip reminds me of a propaganda and youth group mix of totalitarianism because at a young age, Victoria's mother filled her daugther head with ideas of what is right way for Victoria to action and behave.

Victoria gets bad news
This part I think truely shows have the Everglots are like tatolitarianism because there forcing Victoria to marry lord Barkis because Victor is "miss", so they don't go broke, but Victoria don't want to because she loves Victor, but her parents won't have any of it because they only care about themselves, the good of the state over the individual, or in this case, the good of the family over the Victoria.