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I have over 20 either Laptops, Tablets, or All in one desktops, currently the ones I have range from anywhere between 250 to even 800 depending on what your gonna use the computer for, if your a person who just wants the web, like check emails ( gmail, yahoo, aol, ETC ), check facebook stats, and all web stuff and even Microsoft Office then the 250-350 range is best for you, if your gonna be a type of gamer or use a lot of powerful programs like running a lot of programs at once and basically the 600-800 range are for basically that are advanced at computers and need powerful laptops like myself as a computer person. They all are almost brand new some of them are sealed in the boxes. I have about every laptop or tablet you need and if not I can order one that fits your needs or even build one. I have laptops from Windows 7 to Windows 8 professional media center. Now with Windows 8 some people don't like it because the start menu like in Windows 7 you can start click on it and shut it down from their and it acts and looks like Windows 7, well you can get the Windows 7 start menu back, I have Windows Tablets, Android tablets, even an iPad but only one at the moment, I also have around 13 laptops, HP, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung, and many other brands, and around 5, maybe more all in one desktops, including an older iMac, the iMac is a 2006-2008 Model, I haven't used it in awhile but I can get the exact specs if your interested, this iMac was my computer I was using at home, that's why its an older computer. Other then that I have tons of computers and never buy from brand new in the store because almost always they charge more then what I can get them for. I also fix computers and much other computer work, and know how to find the cheapest ink for your printers and all that. If you would like to buy a laptop, tablet or whichever you choose or both if you wanna save, the more you buy the more cheaper you can get all of them for, or even other computer questions, please let me know at either or simply click on the "Reply" above.

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