Why Graffes are so Tall

One day during a big storm Maddy was telling her little sister a story about why giraffes are so tall. Once upon a time a a giraffe named Spot was so tired of being so short. She wanted to be able to touch the clouds. So one day she went to the birds and asked" may I please have a feather from each bird so I can touch the clouds." So each bird give her a feather and wished her luck. Soon she had enough feathers to make two wings, but when she tried to fly she barley got her feet off the ground. So she went home sad that she still hasn't been able to touch the clouds.

One day Spot stumbled upon a witch so Spot asked "do you have anything the can let me touch the clouds?" The witch indeed did have something but she said "only drink one drop and one drop only if you drink more their is no telling how big you can get!" When Spot was about to leave the witch told her something else but she couldn't hear. So Spot did what she was told, but but she barley grow. So she drank the whole thing! So Spot grow and grow and grow until she was taller than trees! So Spot went back and asked the witch" i was not thinking and drank the whole bottle and now I'm to tall will you please help me?" So the witch said" if you bring me every giraffe then I can help."

So later that day all the giraffes were outside of the witches house and the witch told them all to drink the potion every ounce of it. So that's why giraffes are so tall