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Spectacular September 2017

Kick-off Picnic Was a Hugh Success!

Thank you so much to all the board members, teachers, and parents, who helped out with this year's kick-off picnic! The Chinese BBQ wings and pork chops were beyond delicious! And special thanks to our chef and his wife, KC and Ya Chin! We know who are going to be in charge again next year! :)

This newsletter covers topic of our Curriculum Day schedule, important up-coming days, PTO welcome letter, and Yoga class, so please read on!

special events on september 30th

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Please go to your child's classroom according to the following schedule

to meet the teacher and have an overview of our curriculum!

(Please note that when parents are meeting with the teacher,
the children will be working inside the classroom.)

September 30th

10:00 am - 10:15 am

Kindergarten (Room 18)

CSL 3 (Room 113)

10:17 am - 10:32 am

1st Grade (Room 111)

4th Grade (Room 126)

6th Grade (Room 121)

CSL 2 (Room 114)

10:35 am - 10:50 am

3rd Grade (Room 124)

8th Grade (Room 115)

CSL 1 (Room 125)

11:10 am - 11:25 am

Pre-K/Pre-school (Computer Room)

2nd Grade (Room 123)

5th Grade (Room 122)

Followed by Teacher Appreciation Day celebration

@ the cafeteria at 11:30 am

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Fall Semester

09/09: First day of school

09/23: Yoga class starts

10/07: Curriculum Day and Teacher Appreciation Day

10/28: Halloween Parade

11/25: Thanksgiving Break - No School

12/16: Cultural week; LAST DAY OF FALL

Spring Semester

01/06: First day of spring

02/10: Chinese New Year Celebration

03/31: Spring break - No School

04/07: Spring break - No School

04/28: Whole School Picture Day

05/05: Commencement and Reception; LAST DAY OF SPRING


Our Yoga teacher is Mrs. Angela Boland who is certified and passionate about Yoga and the health of body, soul, and spirit.


Date: Sept. 23

Time: 11:15 am to 12:00 pm

Location: Auditorium

Suggested donation: $10 per person per session

Welcome Letter from CAoC PTO

CAoC PTO has been a huge support to our school events including our concession stand, coffee station, Halloween parade, etc. If you are interested in becoming part of PTO, please contact Sharon Lin or KC Liao. Their information can be found in the letter.

Click here to view CAoC PTO WELCOME LETTER


Principal: Chao-hsu Yao

Vice Principal: Yu Wei Cheng

Academic Affairs: Jasmine Rocco and Yafen Wang

Parent Teacher Organization: Sharon Lin and KC Liao

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