Juan Peron

The Dictator of Argentina


Juan Peron was brought into the world on October 8th, 1895. He lived in an average family in Lobos and grew up as an athletic kid, he often excelled in the sports he played such as fencing and boxing. At the young age of 16 he enrolled into military school and trained as an officer. Once he was deployed he mainly dealt with diplomatic affairs but served in Chile to witness the development of a fascist state. When he returned to the country in 1941 he joined a secret organization of military officers known as the Grupo de Oficiales Unidos, or the GOU, the group then carried out a coup to overthrow the civilian government. Peron was appointed as the secretary of social welfare and labor. He slowly gained power and attention, even becoming a favorite of the president. His rise to power was quick as he soon became the minister of war and then the vice president.(1944-45) He was popular among the work force of Argentina and this caused the military to try and end his following. He married Eva Duarte Peron in 1945 and she helped him as his wife and as a strong political advisor. After the military failed to end his following Juan Peron addressed thousands of people to reinforce his power and in 1946 he was elected as President. In 1955 Peron was forced to flee to Madrid, Spain after a group of military leaders tried to take him down. From there he was able to keep in control and even form a Peronist movement that even had a candidate win the presidency in 1973. He was then able to return to Argentina and run the country with his wife and newly appointed vice president. He ran Argentina with the aid and backing from the workforce until his death in 1974. After his death his wife Evita ran Argentina until a military coup removed her from office.

Visual Element

In the video it shows how the public saw Juan Peron. Juan Peron wasn't a dictator that massacred many people, he was a man for the people who used his dictatorial powers to help his country instead of hurt it. He was able to run the country without even being in it and gained the support of the workforce and with their help he was able to come back and be the leader they hoped he would be. The video shows the overwhelming support and praise the people of Argentina had for him and he never turned on them or took advantage of them.
Juan Peron - Hero of Argentina

Creative Piece

Dear Juan Peron,

My name is Carlos Santana, I am a worker of the fields and a strong follower of the Peronist Party. The job to run a country is hard enough but when you are able to run the country from another country, that's near impossible. I will make it my duty as a worker of Argentina to help you in your efforts to guide our country onto the right track and allow for the future of it to excel. I wish you a good day and good luck for your future as our country's true leader.

Sincerely, Carlos Santana

Essential Question

Did Juan Peron's use of dictatorship help Argentina or send Argentina into a downward spiral?