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Issue 6 - 27th September 2019

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A Learning Community - by Mr Luke Chaeter

Again, the same as each week, we have been extremely busy.

Firstly, I would like to mention the Tribe Council. During this academic year, we will continue to focus on ensuring that our children have as many opportunities to develop leadership skills as possible. Our Tribe Council will be identified each Tuesday as they will be wearing their Tribe Uniform - this is designed primarily to raise the profile of the council amongst all students in the school. Secondly, they will continue to drive many initiatives, and very shortly, they will be involved in ensuring that break times are well resourced with equipment, for all members of the school community to engage with. This will further be reinforced with playground leadership roles and mediation, which will involve specific training by our school counsellor. Exciting times await - especially with the introduction of 'tribe points' and monthly competitions to bring a further sense of collegiality within the British Primary Section.

As has been noted, we have been visited by Jan Dubiel this week, an International Excellence in Early Years Educator, to further strengthen our provision in the younger year groups. All staff have been engaged in professional learning, and a great worksop in Early Reading was given to our parent community. We were also visited by other outstanding schools across Asia, further cementing our place as a learning organisation for all. During Saturday, further professional development will take place, a further commitment to ensure that we provide the best experience and opportunities for our children.

Finally, I would like to mention that we had a very successful evacuation drill on Wednesday, where the entire EPC safely exited the building and met at designated muster points. This took four minutes and fifty-one seconds.

TES Academic Calendar 2019-2020

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Parent Assessment Workshop - by Mr Aidan Stallwood

This will be an opportunity to hear what we, as a school, do across all year groups in the British Primary Section when assessing children. If you are new to the school, or wish to hear more, feel free to come along, or you can contact aidan.stallwood@tes.tp.edu.tw.
Parent Workshop Schedule 2019-2020 Term 1

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Friday Music Corner 27.09.2019

Year 6 Perform the TES Values! - by Mrs Rebecca Preston

The Year 6 classes demonstrated our school values on Thursday in four fun-filled performances, ending with a sensational song. After a successful dress rehearsal to Year 3, 4, and 5 classes on Tuesday, the Year 6 students showed their parents their ability to persevere and participate as they acted, danced, and sang their hearts out.

6.1 performed three scenarios where students showed the right and wrong ways to show respect in school. 6.2 followed with a lesson in how to participate as a positive part of a team. 6.3 gave us a creative cultural lesson on the origins of the Māori haka, as well as performing an original song composed by the class. Finally, 6.4 gave us some breaking news on the value of perseverance in different contexts.

All of the performances were filled with a joy and enthusiasm that made it clear to the audience that Year 6 were having a great time showing the great importance of our school values!

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Year 1 field trip to Taipei Toy Museum - by Mrs Colette Armstrong

On Tuesday 24th September, Year 1 children went on their first field trip of the year and they were all very excited about the day!

They took part in numerous activities, which enhanced their learning of our current topic ‘Let’s Play’. The children explored inside the Museum, they learned the names of some old toys and how they used to be played. They had the opportunity to explore and play with the huge selection of toys available - which they did splendidly! They also became ‘Toy Detectives’ - armed with clipboards, they searched the Museum high and low for a variety of toys hidden inside!

The children were also able to explore the outdoor games and toys. It was amazing to see the children try new spinners, practice walking on wooden stilts and use the large bubble wand! If that wasn’t enough, the children also made their own moving toy! They had to follow some complex instructions and were suitably impressed with the outcome - they couldn’t wait to take it home!

The trip was a fantastic way to delve deeper into our topic. They explored their understanding, used interesting vocabulary, asked numerous questions and developed their curiosity for the huge range of toys! I am sure they are going to continue to enjoy learning more about the different types and materials of toys for the rest of the term!

Many thanks to all the children, staff and parent volunteers who helped to make this such a super trip.

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Saturday Rugby - by Mr Peter Poulton

Last Saturday we had our first touch rugby training session for students in years 5 and 6. Because of the heavy rain we could not get outside and use the pitch. However, the children took part in a fun coaching session in the MPR focusing on the key skills and concepts of touch rugby.

Touch rugby is a fantastic sport as it is an all-inclusive game, meaning that girls and boys can play together regardless of their experience or ability. Touch Rugby is a fast moving, high scoring game that will provide children with skills that are transferable to other sports. Players will develop their hand-eye coordination, their speed and agility, as well as develop teamwork skills.

We aim to build on this initial rugby platform and hope to one day launch a full rugby programme where the children can experience competition against other teams.

If you would like to know more about this, please contact me: peter.poulton@tes.tp.edu.tw.

Orange Hats for Tribe Councilors - by Hardy Yeh (B4.2)

In this week's meeting, the Tribe Council has been talking about how to make our school a better eco-friendly place. All the children were really excited after the Eco Tri-Section assembly on Monday morning led by Mr. Dawson.

Additionally, the TC students will be wearing orange hats from now on, in order to be more visible on the playground. We also talked about getting weekly feedback and suggestions from our fellow classmates and how those issues raised will contribute to our weekly meeting agenda when we all get together.

Thank you!

Digital Literacy at BPS - by Mr Craig Gamble

Digital literacy is the ability to understand, use and interact with technology, media, and digital resources in real-world situations, providing the foundation for future studies and a range of careers in the 21st century. Though today’s students are often referred to as ‘digital natives’ and regularly use computers, tablets, and phones for a variety of purposes, it is often assumed that students are automatically digitally literate, but this is not necessarily the case.

At BPS we teach our students the essential skills of digital literacy through integrating the use of technology into daily lessons and not just through discreetly taught computing lessons. BPS students have access to a range of devices to help them research, plan and create their own content in a range of subject areas. With the introduction of Purple Mash we are enabling both our students and our teachers to further enhance their work through the meaningful application of technology to create content and enhance the learning taking place.

TES Parent Teacher Council - by Mrs Marie Christoffersen

I’m very pleased to have been given the opportunity to join the Parent Teacher Council. With a growing European community at TES I hope I can represent and be the voice of the Danish children and families that joined the school over the last couple of years.

My family and I arrived in Taipei August 2017 and our three children have studied two years at TES, they are now in year 2, 5 and 6. Our daughter started school in London, our oldest son started school in Copenhagen and our youngest son started school in Taipei. I find it very rewarding for our children to study in an European school in this international setting here in Taipei. Our children have developed tremendously over the past two years and developed an appreciation of children from other cultures and different backgrounds. I think the early years in primary school are vital for our young children, both academically and socially. We want to help them becoming creative, responsible global citizens and give them the best possible start on their academic journey.

Professionally I have work as an architect for 17 years in practises in London and Copenhagen. I’m interested in art, beautiful crafts and designs, sustainable constructions and city planning. In Taipei I’m teaching architecture at universities, learning Chinese and exploring Taiwan and Asia with my family. My husband works as CEO for CI Wind Power Taiwan and Copenhagen Offshore Partners, which opened offices in Taiwan when we moved here. The company develops, construct and operates offshore wind farms and over the last two years the company has attracted many new families to Taiwan and TES.

I look forward working with the school and I will do my best to contribute to a positive future for our children at TES.

FOBISIA HoPE Conference - by Mr Peter Poulton

This week from Wednesday to Sunday I will travel to the British School of Ho Chi Minh for the annual FOBISIA conference. This important event ensures our school is up to date with the latest information relating to the FOBISIA sporting calendar. This is also an opportunity for professional development as there are two days of excellent training with respected physical education specialists that promote and share the latest theories and practical implications within sports coaching and education in general. Additionally, this is an opportunity to meet and make links with my peers within the region and potentially setup future sporting competitions for our students.

I'm sure it will be an interesting and valuable experience.

Expert consultant training for Early Years Foundation Stage - by Mr Aidan Stallwood

This week the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS - Nursery and Reception) worked alongside the specialist Jan Dubiel (Head of international development with Early Excellence until this academic year). He worked with our school last year in his role for Early Excellence and was fantastic, so this was a chance for him to return and build on what we did then and next steps for us as a school.

International schools event for Early Years - by Mr Aidan Stallwood

As a long standing member of FOBISIA (https://www.fobisia.org/) we are very honoured to be hosting three separate Job Alike Workshops (JAWs) this academic year. Our first JAWs, with a focus on our Nursery and Reception year groups, was a chance to invite other international schools to visit, where we get to showcase what we do, share practical ideas for supporting language development as well as sharing the wisdom on creating enabling environments and learning environments as a whole. It was a huge success with a wide range of tier one schools including British School of Guangzhou, Dulwich Singapore,

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Important Reminder by Mr Luke Chaeter

Early Pick Up Procedures

To ensure that we are always aware of who is on campus, please be advised of the following procedures.

Nursery - Y2: If you are picking up your child early from school, please go directly to the front desk where you will sign and will be given a slip of paper which must be handed to the teacher.

Y3 - Y6: Please go to the front office, where a member of the team will notify the teacher. Your child will meet you at the front office.

Thank you for your understanding, the whereabouts and safety of your children whilst on campus is of our utmost importance.

School Start Time

We are becoming increasingly aware that students are arriving at EPC before 7.30am.

School is officially open at 7.30am and as such, students must be supervised by a parent.

From 7.30am, students are allowed on the back playground area.

Thank you for your support

Fire Evacuation Procedure

I am pleased to inform you that we completed a very successful Fire Evacuation Procedure on Wednesday. The whole of the EPC was evacuated and accounted for in 4 minutes 51 seconds!
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International Day is coming up! By Mrs Marlies Wouters

Put it in your agenda: Wednesday 9 October 2019. It will be a great day for all children from all 3 sections. The school will put all the flags in the hallway to show how many nationalities we have in TES. International Day is the day to wave your flag and represent your country. If this is your birth country or maybe the country you feel connected with, just wave those colours!

On International Day all children in TES can dress up in traditional outfit or in the colours of their nationality or their (home) country, and they can take a plate and taste the world. And therefore we need volunteers.

WE NEED YOU as parent to help to bake, cook or make something special from your (home) country and help at the tables to serve the food.
The Junior building will be one big marketplace with parents in traditional clothes and beautiful colours of all the countries we all represent. Some might even serve at more then one table!

This tradition is becoming a great day each year and we cannot do it without you.
Let’s continue to do this. So sign up and give your time to help out at the tables, or donate something to eat. Let’s bring the world to our young ones. And with food, it is always a good way to learn about different cultures!

Sign up sheet:


Please help us to make this a special day for the children.

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