3B and 3D News

February 10th - February 14th


This week in math we will be working on 2/3D shapes, symmetry as well as elapsed time. The students will be creating their own symmetrical work, decomposing 3D shapes and exploring how we use elapsed time in our lives!


This week in Science, we will continue to explore Earth science. Learners will determine the difference between weathering, erosion, and decomposition.

We will also compare day to day weather changes and discuss the different types of weather that can occur.

Reading and Language Arts

In reading, we will begin studying and reading different forms of poetry.

In language arts, we will be studying playful language like similes, metaphors, riddles, tongue twisters, palindromes, and idioms.

For writing, we will begin writing a collection of poems.

Social Studies

In social studies this week, learners will be designing and drawing a new state. They will need a name for their state, major cities, a capital, natural resources, and landforms. I'm excited to watch their creativity!

Important Information

  • Thank you to everyone who was able to donate pens to our class. Kiddos did an excellent job revising and editing their persuasive letters!

  • If your learner happens to have a paper we sent home last year in their poetry folders, they may bring it to school next week. It was called "25 Types of Poetry." It may be a long shot, but worth a try!

  • Valentine parties will take place on Friday, February 14th, from 2:00-2:45. Students may bring cards and treats for everyone to share if you would like! We will send home a list of everyone's names ASAP. We are looking forward to the party!

Mark Your Calendar

February 14th: Valentine's Parties at 2:00pm

February 17th: No School- President's Day

February 21st: Six Flags reading logs are due

Home Fun

Please pick between these resources and complete 3-4 nights a week for practice at home. From our experience, we feel that 30 minutes is an appropriate amount of time for "home fun". Thank you for supporting us with this!

Math Resources:

Weekly Math Sheet (due on Fridays)


Mobymax: (Fact Master + Math Lesson)

Think Through Math

Reading Resources:

Mobymax: (Language, Vocabulary, Reading)

Read books at home

Spelling Resource: