VCR Lesson 7 Presentation

Jarek Ma

Fill the Blank with the Appropriate Word from Lesson 7

Seeking to reduce his state's carbon footprint, the environmentalist _______________ his senator to propose bills reducing carbon emissions.
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importune (tr. V.)

To make repeated and insistent demands or requests


portus (L.) - harbor, gate

im=in (L.) - in

Other Parts of Speech

  • importunate (adj.)
  • importunity (N.)


  • beset
  • lobby
  • beseech
  • urge
  • persuade
  • implore


  • imply
  • pacify
  • satisfy
  • mollify
  • gratify
  • console

Exercises from Book

Exercise 7C: 7. Viewers grow weary of repetitive advertising that importune them to acquire products and services.

Exercise 7D: Inquisitors traveled from place to place to (7) importune the accused to prove their innocence, confess their guilt, or recant.

Choose the Letter in which the Sentence uses the Term Incorrectly

A) The security officer importuned passersby to not continue driving down the unfinished road.

B) The importune employee was forced to multitask, reducing his efficiency.

C) The importunity of the beggar alienated pedestrians from that area.

D) Hampered with importunate requests, the legislator opted for a checklist to go through each one consecutively.

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The correct answer is B. Importune is not in the correct form to be an adjective.