Rocks Rock

By Matthew Jimenez AKA Rocks

Rocks, Rocks, and more Rocks

Igneous- Igneous Rocks are formed by lave or magma melting and solidifying. Igneous Rocks are formed Intrusive or Extrusive. The main Focus on the Igneous rocks are intrusive ad extrusive, Intrusive forms with in magma and, Extrusive forms from lava.

Sedimentary- Sedimentary Rocks are formed by sediments cementing together or evaporating from water. Sedimentary rocks are formed in water or within the earths crust. Sedimentary rocks consist of Crystalline, Clastic, and boiclastic, Crystalline is formed by evaporation of water, Clastic and boiclastic are formed by cementing and compacting minerals together, bioclastic are formed with organic life.

Metamorphic- Metamorphic Rocks are formed by heat and pressure. Metamorphic Rocks are formed within the earth. Metamorphic rocks are either Foliated or Non-Foliated. Foliation is formed by heat and pressure and Non-Foliation is formed be contact heat.

Rock Cycle

Where rocks are made!

It all starts with magma, from magma it hardens and becomes igneous, from igneous it can turn back it magma, metamorphic or become sediments, from sediments it can erode or become sedimentary rock, following sedimentary rock it can erode or become metamorphic, finally it can melt and become magma to start the cycle over erode or continue to metamorphose
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