Plate Tectonic Tour

Sean O'Ferrall

Andean Volcanic Belt in Chile, SA

In this Volcanic Belt in Chile, there has been a series of earthquakes and volcanoes in the landscape. My crew and I traveled here for just a few days to find out the history and leave before anything bad could happen. This place has been observed mostly for the convergent boundaries here. Dallas, TX is 5,001 miles from Chile in case you didn't know.There have been 1,561 earthquakes in the last year (transforming boundaries) and there are 137 volcanos in Chile (Convergent Boundaries).

San Andreas Fault in California

San Andreas Fault is a continental transform fault that extends roughly 800 miles through California. It forms the tectonic boundary between the Pacific Plate and the North American Plate. It is a divergent boundary, meaning the land moved away from each other creating the forever fault. My team and I walked the entire fault in 3 weeks. Then we had to travel 1508.3 miles back to Dallas... We really got moving!
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How can you read this?

Find the key which tells you how many meters per line. Then its like multiplication. You figure out how many lines there are and multiply how many lines by that number on the maps :)

Alaska, USA

Our final destination of the week will be in Alaska. There we were caught into an earthquake, and we found research. This state has had a total of almost 15,000 earthquakes, and we happened to be lucky. An earthquake is caused by transforming plate boundaries and causes friction which creates an earthquake. Our travels were now over. I must go back to Dallas to go back to my science class... 3,861.2 miles away...