Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

When an infant suffocates while sleeping.

Body systems affected by SIDS

Central Nervous System - The way the brain communicates to the body.

  • Brain

  • Spinal Cord

  • Cervical

Muscular System - The baby is unable to roll over

  • Biceps

  • Pectoralis

  • Quadriceps

How SIDS affects the systems of the body

  • SIDS affects the respiratory system by stopping the child's breathing

  • SIDS might also affect the nervous system

Target Population

  • 2/4 months of age most common

  • 2500 deaths each year

  • 39.7 babies dies out of 100,000

  • deaths per year have decreased since 1990

Who is at risk and what contributes to SIDS

  • babies whose mothers smoked or took drugs like cocaine

  • babies with developmental issues in the brain or physical issues

  • babies who are Native American or African are more at risk

  • boys are more at risk than girls

  • babies with chronic breathing conditions

How is SIDS diagnosed

  • unknown cause of death

  • accidental suffocate

  • after a series of investigating is over and all options are gone

Signs of SIDS

  • babies who tend to roll over

  • babies with chronic breathing conditions

Treatments for SIDS

  • do not use crib bumpers

  • have tummy time during the day

  • use a pacifier

  • put your baby to sleep on a hard surface

  • back sleeping

  • breastfeed your baby before putting him/her asleep
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Their is no life expectancy because the infant is already dead when him/her have passed
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Jayden Odom (Lamar Odom's Child)

Jayden was the child of Lamar Odom and Liza Morales.

I choose to research SIDS because I knew very little about and wanted to know more.