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september 25

upcoming EVenTs

Sept 28 Security Training in room 20 315-345 by NNPS Security

Sept 29 Security Drill 9:00 AM(see email)

Sept 29 Back to School Night 530-700

Sept 30 Picture Day

Sept 30 IXL Math overview 315 (room 23)

Sept 30 Cum Folders Record Checklist due (turn in to Dorie)

Oct 1 Take Flight Day (PD) 315-415

Oct 2 Citizen of the Month 130 (expecation is that each classroom teacher submits a citizen with a narrative--we have great narratives from teachers about their kids)

Oct 5 Begin Breakfast in the Classroom program (details fortcoming--more info on blog)

Oct 5-9 Conference Week

Oct 5 Sanford Spirit Night at Jason's Deli

Oct 7 Walk or Bike to School Day

Oct 7 Grand Canyon University rep has lunch in Teacher's Lounge

Oct 9 1/2 Day Dismissal

Oct 14 Sunshine Committee Presents: Paint Night 315-515

Oct 15 Lead Team 710 AM

Oct 29 Barnes and Noble Book Fair 5pm (at Barnes and Noble)

Action Items

*Keep up with Action Items on the blog so you are able to implement new action items

*Do you have an active Word Wall in your room. Words should be authentically harvested from student writing and/or words that come from your explicit vocabulary instruction.

*Schedule posted outside your door

*Math fact of the week is visually represented (see picture in this week's blog as one example)

*Anchor charts are active in your room: students able to reference anchor charts contributes to deep understanding and ability to recall later in the school year

Overview of Back to School Night

Families are being invited to our school to see characteristics of a normal learning day.

Please consider: having work on display in your classroom or at your child's desk; a presentation about current learning targets or longer term learning targets; a place where students can read to a family member. I have heard numerous other ideas so this is not exhaustive, but this may help you prepare for families.

Breakfast in the classrooms and Take Flight Day on October 1

Our first Take Flight Day on October 1 will have three parts:

A. Food (a snack not a meal from third grade)

B. Presentation by Cathy Alexander from NNPS Child Nutrition Services about Breakfast in classroom.

Note: Beginning October 5, students in grades 3-5 will not go to cafeteria to get breakfast. Instead, students report to their class and will be able to get thier breakfast as it will be delivered in a bin. Essentially, teachers will put a check next to the child's name who picked up breakfast and turn the sheet into the cafeteria for processing (more specific info forthcoming). After we get all the supplies we need, we will expand this process to the other grade levels. All grade levels will be trained on October 1.

C. Book Study


Please consider joining our PTA by purchasing a sweatshirt ($16), an athletic collared shirt ($17), or just pay for PTA membership $5. PTA membership is included in the price of the shirt. See Jackie to purchase shirt or pay for PTA.

Spirit Night Jason's Deli

We still need some RSVPs to have our event confirmed for Oct 5. Please RSVP even if you are not 100% sure that you will have dinner there. Your RSVP can also acknowledge that you will be promoting the event with your students and families.

A Math Product in Melene Skeeter's classroom with students able to purchase $50 worth of groceries (Creates Product example)

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Sandy Toler, as always, hard at work and multi-tasking. Thanks for all you do!

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