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Weekly Updates

February 1 - 5th

Happy LOVE month! :) It's February... What?
Thank you for participating in great conversations last week. We are making some great progress with our at-risk kids. I know sometimes it seems like we're not budging, but when you look at the whole- we are doing right by them. RIPPLES!!!! We are getting somewhere- don't doubt that.

Lots of conversations about relationships and the need for them to motivate students. I'm all on board- I'll be the 1st one to tell you that RELATIONSHIPS are the key to anything you do. So- we'll be working on something's- whether it is needing volunteers to be "Lucky Listeners" / Reading buddies, or just a quick check-in / check-out buddy to connect with others.

For the Good of All...

Back-to-Back Assemblies- We know it's not ideal, and would never intentionally plan for it to be this way, but b/c of the snow day and rescheduling we have to settle for what is available. We're letting you know in advance so you can plan accordingly.

Ned Show Assembly- Has been rescheduled for March 4th.

Cincinnati Ballet- March 3rd-

STARFISH- Teachers- PLEASE send me a list of students that you think would benefit from a mentor. We're looking at pairing some kids with adults that will build that capacity to succeed. Clearly, ALL of our kids would benefit from this, but we're looking at those kids we talked about at ATMS, and those that you just think are potentially at-risk. (Socially, emotionally, academically) Send me the names- RANK THEM- so I can see how many we're dealing with, and then as usual- NH will do it's magic. <3

Get the Word out!
Please start helping NH get the word out about Kindergarten registration / registration in general (especially for 1st grade). Kindergarten registration for NH is March 29th from 4:00 to 7:00. Information is on our website, and flyers will be going home.

For 2 years now we've had to add classes to K and 1st late in the year. We NEED to avoid this! The only way we can is to get families to register early! Help us get the word out please. This will severely impact our allocations (and pink slipping)!


Goal Setting for Students- You do it, and hopefully are reaching for those goals yourself. We're just coming off of ATMs; what a great time to have a conversation with students to push for the end of the year. What is their goal? What are they working toward? ... NOT what do YOU want them to work for, but how do they want to end the year and how are they getting there? Link is below to help you, help them!

Coming Back Chatty? - Get the chatting back under control before Spring Fever hits! The link below shares some FUN ways to get student's attention and to get them to realize they are too chatty! It's a quick hit to get your class to use their time effectively.

Common Core Tech Integration- I've included the Webinar link- and their are several already created instruction sheets to help you on your way.

Valentines Day: 2 links below - some NON-candy ideas and some activities at your fingertips.

The Story of the Starfish... Don't think you don't make a difference!

The Starfish Story

Calendar Chaos! ... It's getting better!

1st- Fire drill- PM
2nd- Ground Hogs Day
(Goble out AM for GAP Discussions @ CO)
3rd- ESS meeting in Vogelpohl's room- 8:00
5th grade SAC

4th- QR 5:30 in café
6th- Archery tournament
11th- Team leader

15th- I Looooooove you so much there is No school (waived)
16th- Author Visit

SBDM meeting
18th- University meeting

BOE meeting- Vogelpohl's Break the Mold!! Please come out to celebrate! 7:30

19th- SpEd meeting 7:45- Goble's office
22nd- Monday Meets

25th- Budget Committee is meeting 3:50 pm
27th- Governor's Cup
29th- LEAP Day!!! :)

MARCH(ing to the end of the year!)
1st- Fire Drill
2nd- SAC kids
3rd- Ballet
4th- Ned show
5th- Odyssey Regionals
9th- 11th - KYSTE conference (Dammeyer / Collette out)
13th- Daylight Savings Time (Spring it forward!)
14th- Monday Meets
16th- 18th- COSI "It's Simply Chemistry" in MPR
19th- Governor's Cup Regionals
21st- Grade Level Roundtables (NH hosting 5th grade)
22nd- SBDM
23rd- SpEd meeting
24th- Abe Impersonator (5th grade)
25th- Waived... No School (for you)
27th- EASTER
29th- Kindergarten Registration
31st- Spring Pictures
University Meeting