Left Behind

The Vanishing

Jerry B. Jenkins & Tim LaHaye

A story of suspense

The book Left Behind; The Vanishing was a true story of suspense. Four kids left behind to fend for their self. Their parents have been taken to heaven because they believed in Jesus Christ but the kids didn't listen to them. These kids were left behind during the rapture all by them self no parents no adult to look after them. You never know what is going to happen to them are they going to realize that they need to believe in Jesus or are they going to stay the same non-believers they are already.

Will the kids survive the rapture? Will they find each other and help each other? You won't know unless you read and find out.

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About the authors

Tim LaHaye is an christian minister, author, and speaker. He is known for the series called Left Behind which is an christian fiction book series. He wrote this series with Jerry B. Jenkins. He has written over fifty books both fiction and non fiction.

Jerry B Jenkins is a the former editor for Moody Magazine, the vice president for publishing, and now he is the chairman of the board of trustees for the moody bible institute of Chicago. He also is a author of more than 180 books including the Left Behind series.

Both of the authors Tim LaHaye and Jerry B Jenkins are christian and the series left behind has over 63,000,000 copies sold.


What are the consequences of this trait for a character and others?

Judd's selfishness made him put himself in front of others also his parents didn't trust him because all he did was think about himself. After what happened(rapture) he saw the world differently he should have cared about others more and treated them better than what he did.

Why should have created this character differently?

The authors should have made Vikki different instead of a trouble maker by smoking, drinking, and just getting into trouble. They should have made her a drama queen so she could have thought of others as lower than her because it would have anthers side of the story.

Why people today should follow or avoid the examples of this character?

People shouldn't follow the example of Lionel because he would rather lie to his parent than tell the truth of him not being a christian. Every time he would act like he was a christian he would be sinning.

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