Hannah Haynes

art student

My favorite project we did so far this semester...

So far my favorite project we did this semester was the Day of the dead project... This was my favorite project because it really bring out the creative side in a artist, and you can really go all out. I can't wait to see what all stuff we have in store for us!!!

My art work

What I've learned So Far

Over the last two weeks I've learned a lot. Pretty much so far we have learned line, form, and value of the art. We learned the two different types of line, expressive and contour lines. And for shape we learned organic and geometric shapes.And to make sure we understood those concepts we did a group project where we made a sculpture of shapes all different sizes and forms . My groups project artist was Henri Matisse . A little after that project we made a Day of the Dead project "my favorite", and basically we drew a skull and decorated the skull what ever way we wanted to, and were really able to express our creative side. Our recent project that we have done was the super hero project, and what we did was get a super hero that we like and pretty much tried to mirror it. And now we are here !!!!!!!!!! :)

My team

For the past year and a half i have been playing AAU ball in Dallas outside of school. Every week i go up to Irving twice a week for basketball practice. I am very committed to basketball just like i am with school. My focus is to make it to college and play college ball And major in cardiology
UConn Women's Basketball vs. South Carolina Highlights