Hoot Hoot Herald

December 17, 2014 -- Edition 9

Two Enthusiastic Thumbs Up!!

Thank you for bringing up your conference forms. And GREAT job on entering grades!!!

* Report Cards will be printed on Monday, January 5th.

* Report Cards will go home on Wednesday, January 7th.

- Pat

National Computer Science Education Week:

Our students just completed an Hour of Code, as part of our observance of National Computer Science Education Week. There was lots of excitement about this activity, and it is possible for your child to continue at home. We will be creating IDs so our students can continue at their own pace, both in the computer lab, and at home. If your child wants to continue at home before we have created the IDs, you can go to the website learn.code.org, and use the following as a guide to select the right course for them. Course 1 is suitable for kindergarten and first grades, Course 2 is suitable for second and third grades, and Course 3 is suitable for fourth and fifth grades.

- Diane Skeel

A new addition to our custodial crew:

Please help us welcome our new addition to the custodial team - Ruth Granjeno.

Ruth comes to us from Austin High School with a wealth of experience!

Introducing Our New ARD/504 Doss Calendar!!!

We are going paperless!! If you are invited to a meeting you will receive an email invitation. When you open this email click *accept it will automatically be added to your Outlook calendar. Should you have any questions - Please ask Mrs. Solka and/or Adriana.

Lost and Found Items:

Just a reminder...all lost and found items WILL be donated on Friday!

Please remind students that they can look for lost items there when they go to lunch.

Display Boards:

Please DON'T forget to take the display boards for your students today or tomorrow. We really want them to have their boards during the winter break.

There is one box of 25 in the 5th grade pod and one box of 25 is in the office.

Thank you,


Classroom Pets:

Don't forget to take your classroom pets home!

Food and trash items:

Please be sure to remove ALL stored food before you leave for winter break.

We will be setting traps and poison out for our small furry friends during the break in hopes of reducing those problems.

Also, if you have any food in the refrigerator please take it home or throw it away.

Thank you!!

New students starting the new year with us:

There will be 10 new students starting January 5th. If they're yours you will be receiving an email from Pat. Thank you in advance for welcoming these new Doss Owls!

Outside Furniture:


Please make sure that bring in ALL furniture during the winter break. Often these items are stolen or damaged during the break.

Thank you!!

Mark your calendars! Fun with Chemistry 2nd-5th Grade ~ February 12th

For all those 2nd -5th classes interested, on February 12th, our students will be visited by Dr. Kate Biberdorf from the Fun with Chemistry community outreach program that is provided by the Department of Chemistry at The University of Texas at Austin. In the hour-long presentation, students will discuss the fundamental principles of chemistry through various sensory stimulating demonstrations (e.g. explosions, liquid nitrogen ice cream, the production of slime, and instant snow). A few of the properly dressed students (i.e. long pants and closed-toe shoes) will be asked to assist Dr. B with some of the experiments. The lecture will conclude with a chemistry-themed circus designed to inspire students to focus on science and pursue a career in a chemistry-related field!

The schedule is as follows:

8:15am-9:15am - 2nd, 4th

9:25am-10:25am - 3rd, Perce's 4th, 5th

Hope to see you there with your class!

Look Whooo's Having a Birthday:

Soooooo sorry we forgot to mention Nami Lee's birthday on December 11th.

12-22 ~ Michelle Young

12-25 ~ Jennifer Barrick

12-28 ~ Michelle Garza

12-30 ~ Thane Clamann

12-31 ~ Alicia Hill

1-9 ~ Diane Means

1-18 ~ Mickie Plaisance

1-18 ~ Sue Raup

1-30 ~ Martha Ramos

Happy birthday from "Owl" of Us!!!!!!!!!!

Upcoming Events:

Jan. 5, Monday - First Day Back

Jan. 9, Friday - First Friday

Jan. 12, Monday - Faculty Meeting

Jan. 15, Thursday - CAC

Jan. 19, Monday - Staff & Student Holiday

Jan. 26, Monday - Faculty Meeting

Jan. 28, Wednesday - Science Fair

Quote of the week:

"There are three ways to ultimate success:

The first way is to be KIND.

The second way is to be KIND.

The third way is to be KIND."

-Mister Rogers