Disney Effect

Aubrey Thompson

Disney World- movies translating to theme parks

Walter Elias Disney was born on December 5, 1901 in Chicago, Illinios. At age 16 he faked his age to join the American Red Cross. Between 1929 and 1961 Disney created many of their movies. In 1955 he opened a theme park in southern california called Disney Land.


Employees provide clear expectations, communicate these expectations through demonstrations, hold cast members accountable for their feedback, coach through honest and direct feedback, recognize, reward, and celebrate success. Employees have to be able to understand its product and the meaning of the brand. Disney wanted their employees to be called cast members NOT employees. Cast members can be fired multiple ways. One way they can get fired is by not showing up to work, if they miss even one day they can get on probation and not be able to do anything.


It is important for the characters to come to life because it's important for the guests to feel like they are actually part of the disney experience. Their guests need to be able to feel like they are actually having fun. A lot of the Disney character say that seeing the kids actually believe they are real is what always makes their day better.

BONUS- how the disney effect affected me

The whole Disney World experience definitely had a huge effect on me. That was probably one of the best vacations that I have ever had. I swear my mom took over 1,000 pictures. I am pretty sure we did everything you possibly could do at Disney World in 9 days. We had meals with all the different set of characters, we visited Epcot Center, Animal Kingdom and many more places. We met pretty much all the different characters. I even got to see Beauty and the Beast live! I was only 8 at the time so my favorite at the time was having breakfast with the Little Einsteins.