The Desert

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Top 8 Deserts

  • Sahara Desert
  • Arabian Desert
  • Gobi Desert
  • Kalahari Desert
  • Patagonian Desert
  • Great Victoria Desert
  • Syrian Desert
  • Great Basin Desert
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Military and off-rode vehicles

  • It is a major threat
  • The military testing out stuff that they use
  • They add chemicals to the air where they are testing.
  • They test nuclear objects which lasts forever and we have no way of fixing them.
  • The military might not be hurting humans as much but they are effecting everything around where they are testing.
  • Off-rode vehicles also effect areas of the desert
  • They leave forever marks on the areas surface
  • The desert has a super fragile surface and can break apart easily
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Global Warming

  • It is another major threat.
  • It cause problems for all of the animals and plants that live in the desert
  • It won't rain
  • Plants and animals can't get water
  • New species will be likely to die off quickly
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The Climate

  • Less than 50 cm of rain a year
  • 64 degrees fahrenheit
  • 18 degrees C
  • In extreme cases it can be 110 to 120 degrees fahrenheit
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