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10 Google Search Tips All Students Can Use

Surface Languages - Learn 38 Languages

Surface Languages is a free service offering flashcards and practice activities to help students learn the basics of a new language. Surface Languages supports 38 languages. To use the site simply select the language that you are trying to learn then select a set of words or phrases to practice. After selecting a set of words or phrases you will be able to listen to the pronunciations of those words or phrases. You can also flip through the words and phrases in flashcard format. Surface Languages also has an Android app.

Questions to Consider When Planning and Assessing Video Projects

Planning questions to ask yourself.
-What do you want students to demonstrate?
- What is your knowledge of the creation process?
- What is your students' level of knowledge of content?
- What are yours and your students' skills in writing, research, editing, assembling?
- How much time can you allot to this project?
- What are your skills? (Tip do the project yourself from scratch)
- What are your students’ skills?
- What kind of equipment do you have at your disposal? How often can you access that equipment?

Assessing the student video project: pre-production.
-Require students to outline project goals before searching for or creating media to use in the project.
-Approve the outline yourself.
-Require students to write a script and submit it to you before they start using the production tools. This gives them a focus which in turn leads to less time wasted.

Assessing the student video project: post-production.
-Did students demonstrate what they said they would in their outlines and scripts?
-Did students demonstrate what you wanted them to demonstrate?
-Was the final product engaging?
-Audience evaluation sheets.
-Did the audience (classmates) learn something from the final product?

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How to Cite a Tweet in an Academic Paper

The Modern Language Association likes to keep up with the times: