Alex Scheidt


Artist statement

His art is abstract sculptures. They are different types of shapes that flow together naturally. The medium is only clay with occasional use of wire. The different glazes on the sculptures are meant to set a mood for each one individually, whether it be dark and gloomy or bright and vibrant. Throughout his work, there is no specific objects , they are all there own unique sculptures.
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Concentration 1

This is my first piece of the year. It is a very abstract piece. On the inside i chose black to add a dark feeling to it and dark glazes all around. The only light color on it is the bars to the inside, which represents the light at the end of the tunnel.
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Clay Tiles

My clay tiles are dark on one side and light on the other. It has many abstract lines throughout the white side and only one on the dark. This shows that there is freedom when you are thinking on the bright side.
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Concentration 2

This sculpture is abstract spheres. I glazed it like planets because i enjoy space and it makes me think of freedom.