Cyber Crime : Its Bad!

Cyber crime can lead to suicide, emotional stress and fear.

Cybercrime is a form of performing criminal activities on a computer or the Internet.

Cybercrime, describes criminal acts that are done over the internet or on a computer.For example; hate crime, telemarketing and internet fraud, identity theft and online harassment are considered to be cyber crimes.


Telemarketing is when you receive unwanted phone calls which are related to buying of products or discounts. Usually this information is found by either your loyalty cards in their shops or by data mining.

Tip: Usually ignore these calls or block the caller to prevent any further issues.

Internet Fraud

The act of utilizing online resources to help in gaining personal information of users without their permission, i.e. Phishing attacks and pharming.

Tip: Beware the trick of the link, as the saying goes "not all you see is gold" :)

Cyber Bullying

A deliberate form of harassing another person repeatedly in a deliberate manner.

Tip: Tell a trusted adult or teacher about this, don't ever let it go away.

Don't be the chicken in the middle, SPEAK OUT