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Buffalo Community Middle School. March 2021

Parent Update for March 1

BCMS Students Will Be Released Early on Friday Afternoons - March 1 through June 10th.

Although most of our students will be attending BCMS full time beginning March 1st, the majority of our teachers will continue teaching some distance students. To help plan for this, BCMS will be releasing students early on Fridays, giving teachers time to prepare for those different learning models.

Below is our BCMS March calendar, which includes those early release days:

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BCMS Conferences

Due to the complexities of COVID, we will be hosting virtual spring conferences on March 4th. These conferences will be optional since these Google Meet appointments will limit the number of conference time slots we can fit in on this night. If your child is currently keeping up in his or her classes, it may not be necessary for you to schedule a conference at this time.

Even though your child may not need a conference right now, if at any time this school year you have questions or you want to set up an appointment with a teacher, please reach out.

Do you have a student that might be interested in AVID? AVID is a college and career preparedness class that’s available for students in 7th-12th grade as an elective. Click here to watch a video to see what AVID is all about. If you would like more information, please sign up for a timeslot during conferences to speak to our AVID Coordinator, Megan Losey.

These are the many ways you can stay connected with BCMS:

  • Campus Parent Portal

    • BCMS teachers use Campus Portal to help communicate with assignments and activities with students and parents.

  • Phone Calls & Emails & Google Meets

    • All phone numbers and email addresses are available on our BCMS Website

If you feel like your child needs a conference this spring, please follow the directions below to sign up with individual teachers and/or your child’s team.

Conference Sign Up Directions:

  1. Please go to: www.myconferencetime.com/bcms

  2. Find and click on the name of either your child’s team (6th & 7th Grade) or your child's teacher(s). (Remember: all conferences will be held virtually)

  3. Select your preferred time

  4. Enter required information (E-mail address is required, this will ensure you get the Google Meet link you need for your virtual conference)

  5. Click “Sign Up for Your Conference” near the bottom of the screen.

  6. When your conference night approaches, you will receive a Google Meet link from all of the teachers you are signing up with. Here are directions on how to access that conference:https://youtu.be/8eGnSqUhpPw

If you need help signing up for conferences please contact the BCMS front office:

  • 763.682.8200

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Lockers & Locks

With more students in the building beginning March 1st, we would like most students to start using their lockers. When students keep their backpacks in their lockers, it helps with crowding in the hallway and space issues in classrooms. Please follow up with your child about finding their locker at school.

Locker Number:

  • Your student's locker number can be found in the Student/Parent Portal. You can find it by clicking on “more” in the left side menu and then lockers.

Lock Combination:

  • Most students took their locks home for 2nd quarter. If your child does not remember his or her lock combination, they ask for it at the front desk.

Locker Expectations:

  • Students can use their locker before school begins to drop off winter gear and cold lunch, before lunch to pick up a jacket for recess, and after school.

  • We ask that students do not congregate in the locker areas.

Locks for Sale:

  • Locks will be for sale in the front office during school hours.

    • Students may bring a school issued lock from a previous school year.

    • Double locks are $10.00 (you will be able to use the additional lock you receive at a later date for PE - Both locks have the same combination).

    • Single locks will; be on sale for $5.00.

AVID Student Recruitment:

BCMS is looking for 25 6th graders and 25 7th graders to be a part of our AVID elective classes for the 2021-2022 school year.

What is the AVID Elective class?

AVID is for students that have a drive to prepare themselves for their education beyond high school and want to dive deep into their education. It helps support organization, note taking, general study skills, and increases college awareness. AVID also guides students that may fall in the academic "middle" to rise to the top through modeling and teaching of researched based study skills supporting their Individual Determination.

There is an application and interview process to get into the AVID elective class. If you’d like more information, check out the AVID section on the BCMS website.
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BCMS Attendance Reminders:

Remember you can see further details about your child's attendance on Parent Portal.

As we move to in person school activities and academic supports please review the Home Screening Tool for COVID-19 Symptoms daily prior to sending your child to any school activity.

If your child is ill or unable to attend school / activities due to exposure to a person positive for COVID-19 please call the school attendance line at (763) 682-8242.

For the ongoing health of our school and activity community please review with your child the the following important prevention measures:

  1. Stay home when sick or if you were a close contact to a person positive for COVID -19.
  2. Wear a mask over the nose and mouth.

  3. Maintain 6 feet distancing.
  4. Adhere to good hand hygiene practices by washing hands often and using hand sanitizer.

If your child has been exposed or tested positive for COVID-19 during the previous 14 days (since Sunday, November 29) please call the Middle School Health Office at (763)682-8242.

As a final reminder, as always If your child is going to be absent due to illness or vacation, please contact the BCMS attendance secretary:

Kelley Jaszewski



Thank you so much!

You can keep up-to-date with your child's progress on Campus Parent Portal:

Contact Teachers

If you have questions about any class, please reach out to the teacher. You can find the contact information for all teachers by using the search function on our district website: https://www.bhmschools.org/

As we move towards full in-person instruction, we will follow the same BCMS Schedule:

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January Student of Distinction

Congratulations to Jacob Crosland for being our January Student of Distinction. Jacob has always led others by her example throughout his time here at BCMS. He is continually focused on he can help others and has one of the softest hearts of a student you will meet.. Thank you Jacob for helping make BCMS the school that it is! You are so deserving of this award!
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BCMS Spring Activities Update

Days are starting to get longer, the long cold spell is over, and our students are coming back to school full time. It is an optimistic time at BCMS. As we move towards spring, we encourage you to get your student signed up for a spring activity. Spring activities were cancelled last year so we are extremely excited to be able to get outside and provide fun, competitive opportunities for students this spring. Our Spring season will begin on April 19th and run through May 27th. We will be offering Girls Softball, Baseball, Track and Field, Boys and Girls Golf, and Boys Tennis. Sign up will be done on line starting in March. Check our activities page on BCMS website for more information.
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Thank You!

Thank you so very much for sharing your most precious gift with us. Together we will get through these unbelievable times and continue to do what is best for your child's education.

Never hesitate to reach out to us!

Grade Level Principals:

6th Grade - Katie Gohl: katiegohl@bhmschools.org

7th Grade- John Hayden: jhayden@bhmschsools.org

8th Grade - Matt Lubben: mlubben@bhmschools.org

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