King Henry VIII


Birth and death

Born June 28, 1491, Greenwich United Kingdom.

Died january 28, 1547, Palace of Whitehall

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Where he is from, were he went to school, How he got his job.

He is from Greenwich, near london.

He had private tutors, he was exuded a charismaic athleticismand diverse appetite for art, music, and culture.

His brother died and it left him the next in line for the throne and he married the woman that his older brother was suppose to marry.

Job, Major Event, and Major Works.

He was to Be king sense his brothers passing.

Two days afte his coronation he arested two of his fathers minister, they were thought to have killed his father.

He became head of the Church of England. from 1514 to 1529.

Impact, influence, future influences in the future

Impact, He brought his nation in the Protestant Reformation.

Influnce, get married without the churches consent

Future influences, Thomas Wolsey followed his govnerment and his business ways.