Sophia's convict register

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William Evans

William Evans was sentenced to death after stealing a black mare
He was fortunately reprieved to seven years transportation beyond the seas
He was 38 when he was sent to the Dunkirk Hulk where his behavior tolerably
decent and orderly
He died at Port Jackson on the 30th of May 1788
Transported on Friendship

John Berry ( also shown as barry in some records )

John Berry ( age 19 ) was sentenced to seven years transportation after stealing a pair of stockings.
He was ordered to the Dunkirk Hulk at Plymouth on the 12th of May 1786, he was tolerably decent and orderly there until discharged to the Friendship on 11 of march 1787
He was buried at Sydney Cove 3 March 1788
Transported on Friendship

James Jemmison / Jamison

James was sentenced to seven years transportation to parts 'beyond the seas of America or elsewhere'
his crime was breaking into a house and stole two green shag waistcoats,black satin breeches and a silver watch from two different owners
His name was variously spelt : Jamison Jammison and Jameson
He was recorded as age 20 with no occupation
Transported on Friendship

John Bennet

John Bennet was sentenced to transportation for seven years after commiting a highway robbery ( stealing goods )
He was 17 when he was sent to the Dunkirk Hulk where he behaved remarkably well so he was discharged to the Friendship
he was transported on the Friendship