Geography Project

By Benjamin Cox

Hello fellow classmates today ill be showing you my Orlando Florida geography project,

Lets get started!

Fun Facts About Florida

"Orlando is the fifth largest city in Florida, and the state's largest inland city." (,_Florida)

"Orlando attracts over 51 million tourists a year" (,_Florida)

Universal Studios is located in orlando (picture found from

What is louisville relatively located to Orlando

Louisville's relative location to florida is south

The cheapest way to get from Louisville KY to Orlando FL is by driving for $120.14

What are Orlando FL Physical and Human characteristics?

Orlando FL is famous for its human characteristics. The characteristics are amusement parks such as Universal Studios, Sea World, and last but not least Disney World. Some Physical characteristics are things such as ponds or lakes or rivers.

What region of the country is Orlando FL in?

Orlando Florida is in the south eastern region of USA.