4.6.16 M9 L3 Theories of Emotion

April 6, 2016

To Do:

Here is your list of tasks for today:

  1. Begin lesson 3 by reviewing the notes on Emotion. Review the information in the presentation. Once you have completed the presentation, check the button to the right of the lesson link. That will open the practice activities and the assignments and quizzes for the lesson.
  2. Complete the Emotion practice activities.
  3. Complete the Emotion forum assignment. In this assignment you will analyze the effects of emotion in real life.
  4. Complete the second Emotion forum assignment. In this forum you will analyze the effects of social media.
  5. Sometimes we need more time on certain topics. The Take Two section is optional but is a great form of review if you struggled with any concepts from the lesson. Use this section to refresh and relearn the material.

Please let me know if you have any questions! Have a great day!

Awesome level of detail by Karson!

  1. Describe Genie’s home life situation and tell how this has affected her development and learning. Genie was locked in a room in her parents house, with no lights, or outside connection to the world or to people. She was 13, but investigators say she looked like she was 6 or 7. She was still wearing diapers and couldn’t talk. She had no communication to anyone, she was just locked in a room. She couldn’t even have the chance to learn how to do anything. She couldn’t even have the opportunity to learn how to talk.
  1. List five accomplishments Genie makes in her time with the psychologists. 1-She started opening up to the researchers. She “let them in” her pitiful life. 2- “She delighted in the world outside her prison; she was hungry for the names of new things she was seeing.” This explains that she actually wanted to learn the names about the things, she didn’t know about. I think this is a huge accomplishment, because she actually wanted to learn. 3-She learned a lot of new words, but she couldn’t comprehend the grammar aspect of the language. 4-When one of the therapist left, she got sad. This showed that she could make relationships with people. 5- With the Rigler’s, they let Genie be a little more independent, with that she learned new words.
Theories of Emotion
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Two - Factor Theory of Emotion

a) Two-factor theory—Schechter-singer’s theory that to experience emotion one must (1) be physically aroused, and (2) cognitively label the arousal; Thus the emotional experience requires a conscious interpretation of the arousal

James - Lange Theory of Emotion

a) James-Lange Theory—the theory that our experience of emotion is our awareness of our physiological responses to emotional arousing stimuli

i) To experience emotion you must FIRST PERCIEVE your body’s arousal

Cannon - Bard Theory of Emotion

a) Cannon-Bard Theory—Emotion + Bodily Response; the body’s responses were not distinct enough to evoke a different emotional response; physiological arousal and our emotional experience occur simultaneously (the emotion-triggering stimulus is routed simultaneously to the brain’s cortex); the heart begins pounding as your experience fear (one does not cause the other)

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