The Bakers And The Girl

By Ian Keylon

There once was a baker and his wife, the young couple lived in an old and slumped town house on the end of the dirt road. There was a small little girl who has been frequently coming to the town house, and hastily trying to steal some of the bakers bakeries. The baker got sick of this and caught the little girl just as she was darting inside to the town house, the little girl cried "it is for my sick mother, please let me go" but before the baker could say a word the bakers wife came and told him, it was for her mother who was sick and weary. Shouldn't we give in witch we should hope to get the kindness back in return? "That is true", the baker said. And the little girl ran off into the dirt path heading towards the woods. "Well said the baker", "know we our almost out of bread". The bakers wife then replied, "it was the best that we could have done". A few months later before the bakers wife was due for a baby, the bakers wife got very ill. The baker was worried for her and for the baby that was yet to come. Once the little girl and her mother who was know all well, heard about this tragic news, they rushed to the doctor and bought enough medicine for the bakers wife to get better. The baker and his wife were able to have a child, and the little girls mother was feeling well.

The moral and theme of this story is give someone something to help them out during hard times, and you might receive the same in return.