September ELL Networking Meeting

What a GREAT Meeting!

Wisconsin RtI Center

Our presenters brought a wealth of information to us with opportunities to talk about what our districts are doing, should be doing and how to get from A to B in terms of providing equitable education to all. The Response to Intervention is an ongoing framework that guides us as we implement a culturally responsive multi level system of support for ALL students.

Educators and decision makers in districts need to focus on:

1) RtI is for ALL children and ALL educators.

2) RtI must support and provide value to effective practices.

3) Success for RtI lies within the classroom through COLLABORATION.

4) RtI is a framework that supports both academic and behavioral success.

5) RtI supports and provides values to the use of multiple assessments to inform instructional practices.

6) RtI is something you do and not necessarily something you buy (a ready made program).

7) RtI emerges from and supports research and evidence based practice.

Talk Time

Additional time was spent on the following topics:

1) Gradual Release of Responsibility

2) Curriculum for Reading and ELs

3) Different types of "text" language that needs to be pre-taught for success

4) State tests this year and next

5) Language Development Form

6) Technology and ELs meeting in October

7) ACCESS 2.0 Meeting in November

See you in October!

Please register as soon as possible for our October meeting. We will have time in the morning to talk about ACCESS training coming up in November; there will be templates available for notification letters to parents; exploration of a newsletter for ELs that you can sign up for monthly; question and answer time. As always, please email me any questions you have for myself or DPI and I will get you the answers you need.