The Oregon Trail


The Day on the Oregon Trail


Traveling with friends and families with the Oregon trail.

One morning when we were walking me and my family, cousins and friends. One of my cousins got sick and my aunt was worried. Because he was only 3 years old. I only packed clothes, blankets, pillows and, little games or toys. My family did the same thing too, but with food, water, and supplies for our wagon. Then when it was September because it was just now October it started to rain all day in the afternoon. It started to get harder and harder for us. At least we were all safe. When we came up to a river my dad, uncle, and the rest of the men carried the little girls and women even me across the river. Some men had to help the animals, and the wagons and the Oregon trail. When we crossed the Missouri river to the Willamette river there was people falling out, and the river was too fast. But some people at least made it.

My Opinion on the Oregon Trail

My opinion of moving west

I would like to move west along the Oregon Trail because I would like to explore and not be left alone without nobody at my side. Like taking a journey to the west just keep having to walk walk break walk walk break. It might take maybe a couple of day’s or month’s. The benefit’s for moving west is good traveling, good people, making new homes, meeting new families and friends. Meeting even new people too! How exiting is that. Also if you run out of something you can ask your neighbor’s if you need anything.

Life on the Oregon Trail

Interesting things for the Oregon Trail

Discover's and Explore's

Lewis, and Clark got chose to be in a secret mission, President Thomas Jefferson organized in 1803.First Jefferson chose his old friend, and neighbor Meriwether Lewis to lead the venture, and Meriwether Lewis chose rough-hewn frontiersman William Clark to be co-leader.On December 5,1805 Lewis,and Clark made it to the Pacific.

Supplies for the Oregon Trail

They had flour (600lbs),bacon (400lbs),coffee( 60lbs),baking soda,corn meal,hardtack,dried beans,dried fruit,dried beef,pepper,molasses,vinegar,eggs,salt,sugar(100lbs)rice,tea(4lbs) lard(200lbs).


Oxen's eat almost anything. On occasion spare clothe's bounced out of a back of a covered wagon, and were quickly eaten by an ox pulling the following wagon.

Rufus Porter

Rufus Porter wanted to fly people to Oregon on propeller-driven balloons powered by steam enginees.He actually got 200 people to sign up for the trip, but his balloons never got off the ground.