Apps for Android

Cell phone/mobile device apps to be used in the classroom

3D Brain

This free app is available on GooglePlay. This app includes a 3D diagram of the brain that allows the user to look at different parts of the brain with a description available for each part. This app also isolates different brain injuries and explains what happens to the brain during various injuries.

Dictionary- Merriam Webster

This app is based off of a well known dictionary, but this app also contains synonyms and antonyms, examples of words in a sentence, and a word of the day. The dictionary app uses a minimal number of permissions which distinguishes it from the rest.
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Google Helpouts

This platform is designed for people to help out other people. This is a platform that is available for free based on what information you need. Within the education setting it can be used outside of the classroom for students who are looking to help or who are looking to work ahead. This app is available on GooglePlay.
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Star Walk-Astronomy Guide

This app is $2.99, however this app is an interactive star gazing app. It allows the user to explore over 200, 000 celestial bodies. Information is provided about most of the celestial bodies so this app is really a wealth of knowledge. This app will keep users busy for hours.
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This app is free, there are entire YouTube channels devoted to certain educational subject matters that are created by people from all other the globe. This resource can be used multiple times by various users and is simple to follow.
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