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Technology Strategies for Culturally Relevant Teaching


Recently, our district has been immersing teachers in Culturally Responsive Teaching and Learning, ensuring that our instruction varies enough that all learners feel respected and appreciated. One method of transferring that message is through Dr. Sharroky Hollie, and his ideas behind Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Teaching and Learning. Within the binder, there are several strategies to inspire discussion among all of our students to create a more inclusive classroom. However, along with the classic paper and pencil way of accomplishing these, there are ways technology can enhance these lessons as well. Below are a few strategies described and how technology can be integrated into them.

Strategy: Yesterday’s Headlines

Description: A discussion technique that asks students, as they enter the room, to write a headline that describes the previous day’s learning.

Technology Connections: Create a collaborative Google Doc where students can contribute their "headlines" and see how many can be generated to summarize the previous day's learning. Or, allow them to create their own digital notecard using Google Drawings to design their headline and insert a little creativity.

Strategy: Put your two cents in

Description: An discussion technique that allows students to limit themselves to 2 contributions to the conversation by placing a token in the center of the group.

Technology Connection: Using the checkbox feature in Google Sheets would be a terrific way to ensure this is accomplished. Share a Google Sheet with enough checkboxes for each student to have two responses. Once a student provides a response, check on of their boxes. Once both are checked, they are no longer allowed to contribute to the conversation.

Strategy: Post Your Thoughts

Description: An discussion technique that allows students to create a response to a question raised by the teacher. Similar to a “Parking Lot.”

Technology Connections: Use a Google Drawing the size of a poster board. Then, allow students to add various shapes (since each shape is a text box) where they can add their thoughts to contribute to the discussion. Another valuable tool would be Wakelet, where these ideas can be curated for later use.

Strategy: Silent Conversation

Description: Students contribute their answers to a sheet but do so without any conversation.

Technology Connections: Similar to the previous idea, having a shared Google Drawing or Slide and have students silently contribute to it. Additionally, if you have designed a collaborative Slides presentation, students could add their thoughts on a predetermined slide.

Strategy: Snowball

Description: An interactive discussion technique that involves kinesthetic learning. A student anonymously writes an answer on a sheet of paper. They then crumble that paper up and throw it on the ground. Then, students go pick up a random paper and contribute to discussion by reading the answer on the paper aloud.

Technology Connection: This is a fun activity to get students moving. But, instead of a free for all, using a Random Name Selector to have students leave their desks one by one in an organized fashion might make this strategy more meaningful and more organized for students and teachers.

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