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Kellogg Middle School Newsletter | August 2018

Welcome Back!

The 18-19 school year is just around the corner! We hope that you have taken plenty of time to recharge with friends and family over the summer & are feeling ready to send your children back to school for another year of growth, both academically and socially.

This spring, I received an invitation to join the stellar Kellogg Middle School staff, filling the role of Principal, given Mr. Johnson's departure to John Marshall. With 18 years of experience in education, 16 at the middle level, I am familiar with the excitement and challenges that exist in a building full of young adolescents.

Being selected to call Kellogg home is a remarkable honor. I have spent time over the summer familiarizing myself with the Comet Way, connecting with staff at Kellogg and learning the ins and outs of the Rochester Public School District. Next week, I will have the privilege of welcoming students and families as our new year unfolds.

I look forward to connecting with you as your child embarks on the middle school journey. As a mom, I can appreciate the trials and tribulations of this stage of development and look forward to partnering with you to ensure your child's success.

Feel free to connect with me directly.


Angi McAndrews


Kellogg Middle School

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Pick-up and Drop-off Procedures @ Kellogg

Student pick-up and drop-off are two very busy times of day at Kellogg! In order to keep all families safe (and to limit frustration), please follow these procedures from 7:15-7:40 and 2:10-until all busses are gone.

  • Doors open at 7:10 a.m. Students report to the cafeteria until 7:25 a.m. The cafeteria is supervised by Kellogg staff. Breakfast is available for students through SNS.
  • The main circle / turn around near the main entrance is reserved for buses ONLY before/after school.
  • If you drive your child to Kellogg, refer to the diagram (above) to understand expected traffic patterns. Cars entering from the west side of the building will be restricted to the west parking lot. Traffic behind Kellogg will enter from the east side of the property and proceed to the west. No cars will be allowed to enter the back lot from the west parking lot with the exception of school busses and school vehicles.
  • Handicap parking is available in the back at door 6. Please access these parking spots from the east during these high traffic times.
  • When waiting for your child after school, please be aware that other cars are arriving behind you. Pull as far forward as possible to allow others room to park.
  • CAUTION. While we work to get all students to use crosswalks, this does not always happen. Be alert to students who may be crossing outside of crosswalks!

New Faces to Kellogg Middle School

These faces are new to Rochester Public Schools & Kellogg Middle School:
  • Elizabeth Hazard - science teacher
  • Catherine McCreadie - math teacher
  • Hanna Rodenbaugh - special education coach
  • Tony Charlebois - special education teacher

These faces are new to Kellogg, coming from other buildings in Rochester Public Schools:

  • McCaleb Vagt - special education teacher
  • James Alcorn - social studies teacher
  • Nikki Anglin - health teacher
  • Keri Babcock - phy ed teacher
  • Ian Benoit - choir director
  • Akilah Barlow - social worker
  • Sarah Gnagey - school nurse
  • Adam Hair - social studies teacher
  • Andrew Kappel - instructional coach
  • Mike Kleiman - English teacher
  • Sarah Kowalski - math teacher
  • Jon Osterlund - phy ed teacher
  • Emily Wartsbaugh - special education teacher
  • Lindsey Maeder - mental health practitioner
  • Denise Koster - library para
  • Darlene Pierce - EL para

The Sound of Music

Auditions start the 2nd day of school!

Tuesday, August 28th
SINGING Auditions! Sing a short song like “Happy Birthday” or some tune from the play. If you wish to sing another song, please bring music for the piano player.
Wednesday, August 29th
SPEAKING Auditions! If you wish to audition for a speaking part, you need to come to this audition. The reading material will be provided at auditions.
Thursday, August 30th
A list of students’ names will be posted Thursday morning to inform them to attend this audition.

All auditions start right after school each day in the auditorium at 2:35. Most auditions are over by 4:30. Students may leave as soon as they finish auditioning. Students need to inform then director of any afternoon conflicts they might have such as sports or music lessons Monday through Friday.


All rehearsals are in the auditorium right after school, Monday through Friday. The time commitment is based on the size of the role and student’s conflicts.


All students who are in the play will need to pay a $20 district activity fee. This can be paid by check or cash in an envelope with the child’s name on it. This fee should be paid during the first week of rehearsals and turned into the Kellogg office.


The public performance of The Sound of Music will be Friday, November 16 at 7:00pm in the Kellogg Auditorium.

Admission to the performance is $5.00 per person.

Athletic Event Expectations

As the new school year kicks off, we wanted to reach out to you regarding expectations at athletic events. Our goal is to ensure that all of our Rochester Public School athletic events are a fun and safe experience for all.

Please review the following guidelines with your child:

  1. All elementary and middle school students attending games must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or under adult supervision.
  2. Students are expected to sit at events, remain in the assigned areas, and stay with their parent/guardian or adult supervisor.
  3. All high school students must show student ID upon entry.
  4. No food or beverages are allowed to be brought into athletic events.
  5. No backpacks, skateboards, or any other items which can be deemed unsafe are not allowed at athletic events.
  6. If students are not meeting behavioral expectations by being respectful, responsible, and safe, they will be asked to leave the event. The behavior expected at athletic events is no different than what would be expected on a school playground during recess or at lunch during free time.

Students who are attending school-sponsored events must adhere to the Code of Student Conduct (Policy #506). If students fail to adhere to the Code of Student Conduct they may be subject to in-school consequences regarding their actions. For more information on School Board Policy #506, please visit BoardDocs.


  • Phones & other electronic devices are allowed before school, after school, and at lunch.
  • Phones, other digital devices and accessories are not to be used in class unless expressly permitted by the teacher.
  • Phones & other devices capable of taking pictures are never allowed in a locker room or restroom.
  • Headphones are allowed before school, after school, and at lunch.
  • Headphones are not permitted in class or during passing time or in the hallways.
  • Photos & videos may not be taken without expressed permission of the building principal.
  • We expect safe and courteous use of devices and social media from our students both at school and home. We will again be providing education to our students regarding internet and social media safety during the school year.
  • Kellogg’s open wifi is turned off during the school day. Students using personal mobile devices to surf the web before school, after school, and at lunch will be using their own data plans.
  • Kellogg is not responsible for lost or stolen phones or devices. Lock them up!