SWJH Media Center

Week of October 9-13

2nd Quarter has Begun!

Classes continue to use our various collaborative spaces in the media center for their varying needs. The media scapes are perfect for collaboration and peer-editing in English and other classes and the green screen room is getting extra busy with commercials and product videos in an elective class called, Money Doesn't Grow on Trees. It is so invigorating to see the space being used for so many purposes. The excitement of the students is contagious!
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Bookmark Design Contest Winners!

The 2015 Fall Scholastic "Zombie" Book Fair is Here!

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Online Book Fair is Open!

The 2015 Fall Scholastic "Zombie" Book Fair will take place in the Shakopee West Junior High Media Center next week, November 16-20. Many new titles will be available as well as old favorites in paperback. The fair will coincide with parent Teacher Conferences that are scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday from 3:30-7:30 p.m. At this time, the fair will be open for shopping in front of the auditorium.

In the meantime, the online book fair is OPEN! All sales will profit our school and allow us to buy more books for our students. All purchases will be delivered to the school and shipping is FREE! Here is the link for the online fair - midway down the web page, click the button that says, SHOP NOW: Shakopee West JH Online Book Fair

What books/eBooks would you like to see in the Shakopee West JH Media Center?