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The Best Poetry Reading In History is Upon Us

Max Urquhart Reads an Inspirational Poem

Max Urquhart, an up-and-coming poetry reader, has just read a piece known as It Couldn't Be Done, composed by the world-renowned poet Edgar Albert Guest. English-born Guest traveled with his family to Detroit in the late 19th Century. He soon became a journalist at the Detroit Free Press, publishing his own poems in the famous newspaper. After a while, Guest earned the nickname the "People's Poet," and was elected Poet Laureate of Michigan.

It Couldn't Be Done, one of Guest's lesser-known pieces, is a fairly short and sweet poem, with a deep inspirational meaning behind it. Urquhart has chosen this piece to read because of it's personal meaning to him, and tries to show this meaning in his video performance. Check it out below.

It Couldn't Be Done--Edgar Albert Guest
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