6th Grade Social Studies

Ancient Civilizations - October/November Newsletter

Our Frost Valley Civilization

We went to Frost Valley in search of the 7 characteristics of civilization we had learned about before we left. They were on the lookout for examples of:



Stable Food Supplies

Social Structure


A System of Writing


Our students went in search of these characteristics in and around Frost Valley.

They created Padlets - virtual cork boards where they could display their examples.

What We Have Been Working On

We returned from Frost Valley to begin our study of the Paleolithic and Neolithic Ages. As humans migrated around the world, many settled on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and began what would become the world's first civilization.

Our students wrote their first mini essays. In class we worked on writing a claim and supporting it with evidence. Supporting their ideas with evidence will be a skill they will use throughout the year in all of their classes not just Social Studies. Please encourage your child to come to TIEE for help or enrichment!

Where Do We Go From Here?

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Mesopotamia: The Cradle of Civilization

We began our unit on Early River Valley civilizations this week. We start with Mesopotamia, the world's first civilization. Our students will learn about the origins of government and apply their knowledge of the 7 aspects of civilization to Mesopotamia. They will participate in simulations, tackle their first document based question and work on finding their voices in their first Socratic Circle.

I can't wait to see what they can do!

Mesopotamia Rap - Enjoy!

Mesopotamia Rap - Enjoy!

Below is a link to the Mesopotamia rap we have listened to in class. If you have been hearing this over and over in your house - my sincere apologies. But you can always rap along with your student!

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