Welcome to the New School Year

Briarwood Library Learning Commons

Library Circulation

All library books are ready for circulation for teacher use. During the school day the computer is set up to check out books. If that is ever not the case or you are unfamiliar with the computer system simply write down the PDSB barcode number located on the back of the book and leave it with your name. Students will be able to check out books after re-organization day. However, please speak with me to discuss book borrowing for specific projects occurring prior to Re-organization. If students require books for class-based work, I will arrange for them to borrow the required books.

Kindergarten students will have a library card that we can scan. Those library cards will be stored at the circulation desk. The rest of the students will be expected to learn their own student number so they can check out books independently.

Library orientations will begin mid-September and I will provide you with a sign up list as we move closer to this date.

This year, the library has been allocated a .5 teacher-librarian. The majority of this time will be utilized for collaborations with classroom teachers. After re-organization, classroom teachers may sign up for a library block. You will be responsible for your delivering your class book exchange. Kindergarten classes will receive a full 40 minute block, grade 1 to 5 will receive 20 minutes for book exchange. I will be organizing a couple of lunch and learn sessions to familiarize staff with library procedures.

Open Book Exchange will also continue this year. The library will be open for book exchange from 8:30-8:50 three mornings per week and during afternoon recess two afternoon per week. Specific details will be provided after re-organization.

Collaboration in the Library Learning Commons

I look forward to working with you this year! After re-organization, I will post my monthly availability calendar.

I have created a blog documenting activities in our LLC during the 2015/16 school year. I am hopeful that the blog will provide you with some inspiration or ideas for our collaborations this year. I am looking forward to brainstorming different ideas with you.

Here is the link to the blog:


You can also use the tags on the side bar to link you to specific ideas/grade levels and topics.

As you already know, some collaborations only require a few periods while others may continue over a longer stretch of time.

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All About Book Borrowing

Students in grades 1-5 may borrow 2 books. Kindergarten students may borrow one book per visit. If students are working on a special project, they may borrow additional books related to their topic. Once a student has 2 books overdue, their borrowing privileges are suspended until the book is returned or renewed. We will give overdue notices early and the consequence of restricting borrowing encourages the students to return their books. When books are returned damaged we ask the student to pay for the book depending on the circumstances. When books are lost we also ask the student to pay for the replacement cost of the book. If the book is later returned, the money is given back.

I will review the protocol for overdue books and overrides during the lunch and learn sessions.

Each student must have a plastic bag at the time of check-out. I will provide a red library bag to each student at the beginning of the year. Please ensure that the bags are labeled with the students' names and homerooms. Please do NOT let students borrow a book without a plastic bag.

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Library Pass

During the first week of school each class will receive Library Passes. Please have your students bring their Library Pass when travelling to and from the library. This indicates to other staff in the hall that they have your permission.

Using and Booking Technology

At this point, the Netbooks and iPads are available for booking. Please ensure that all unnecessary photos and videos are deleted from the iPads prior to returning them to the Library. Please use the room booking system (see below) for iPads and Netbooks. Please see me if you would like help navigating the booking system.

A hard copy sign-up for the Computer Lab will be available the first week of school. Please sign up for one period only. If, after a week, there are remaining spots, you may sign up for additional periods for the month of September.

After re-organization, we will discuss and implement future lab sign-up possibilities.

We also have access to six laptops and two Chromebooks. Currently, they may be borrowed on a daily basis by scanning a barcode on the back of each device. After, re-organization, and depending on staff input, we may change this system.

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Professional Resources and Mentor Texts

We have a collection of Teacher Resources available on the wall by the circulation desk. Please take a look and let me know if there are any resources you think we should purchase in the future.

In the area adjacent to the computer lab is a sizeable collection of mentor texts. The white bins housed on the long, low shelf are grouped by character trait. Along the top area of the shelf are more binned books. These are mentor texts for writing, (e.g. narratives, form, organization, letter writing etc.). A few more bins related to writing are located in the low white shelf in the same area. The remaining shelved books relate to critical literacy, (e.g. text to self, text to text, determining important ideas, media literacy etc.). If you are trying to locate a specific book in this area, please let me know and I can help you locate it.

Makerspace Is Coming

This year, Briarwood is developing a Makerspace in the Library Learning Commons. Makerspace is an open area for students to self direct their learning through inventing, creating and playing with materials.

At this point we have lego, robots, access to primary and junior coding applications and sewing and beading activities. We will continue to add to the space.

There is a dedicated team of teachers that have helped create this space and we will be offering lunchtime sessions for students.

In the very near future, we will showcase the materials available in the Makerspace and you will have many opportunities to book the Makerspace for your class.

Please stay tuned for more information!