Music and Dance

Abigail Downey and Shaeley Wiese/1st hour

Instruments used at festivals

First of all, the instruments that were used in Ancient Egypt fell into three groups, strings, wind and percussion. In the strings category there was the harp, lyre, and the lute. In the wind category there was the flute and the oboe. And lastly the percussion was tambourines, rattles, and drums.


When and who would dance?

Starting with when people danced, in public they danced in:
  • Festivals
  • Religious Festivals
  • Royal Occasions (Crowning of a Pharaoh)
These events were most popular for dancers and musicians.
Mainly women were dancers. They started training at a very young age. These women were considered professionals though their status in the social pyramid was very low compared to real professionals such as scribes.
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If you were a dancer, did you have a high status like a scribe?

Look at the social pyramid below. You can tell that the dancers are just above the lowest of the pyramid. They are below scribes by far. The dancers would never have a chance at being high in the social class.
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Interesting Facts

*People that worked in the fields and farms often clapped at a rhythm to keep beat while their working
*People from every social had music and dance in their blood
*Ancient Egyptian music was created by God Thoth
*God Bes thought that singing would help keep angry snakes away and she also thought that other evil things would keep away from women and children, so all you had to do was sing
*Groups for musicians were separated by each others gender
*God Amun was the most powerful God, a large, important monument was built to honor Amun at Thebes