By: Jasnam

What is caffeine made out of?

Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant it can be found in coffee beans,tea leaves, chocolate and is an added ingredient in pop and energy drinks. once it enters the body,caffeine causes a sudden rush of adrenaline, burst of energy which is temporary (4-6 hours).After it has left your bloodstream,you will experience a sudden drop of energy " crash" and become sluggish or drowsy. research shows that consuming high - energy drinks can have a large impact on the ability of young people to concentrate.Energy drinks contain more caffeine then a strong cup of coffee.

short team effects

- heart rate and body temperature increases

-pupils dilate

- muscles tighten up

-glucose is released into your blood stream for e extra energy

- coordination and balance are affected

long team effects

-ulcers/ stomach problems

-cardiac stress

-chronic insomnia

-irregular heartbeat


-anxiousness change in sleeping patterns / insomnia

-high blood pressure/ nervousness

questions and anwers

what will happen when you drink to mach caffeine?

headaches,extreme fatigue,loss of appetite,confusion/irritability,bowel problems, mood swings, muscle aches and poor memory.

who made caffeine?

caffeine was discover in 1819 by Freddie runge. Runge was giving a box of Arabian mocha beans by john wolf gang von Goethe. Goethe asked runge to analyze the beans.