Technology for the Future

Students can learn more through the use of technology than has ever been possible in human society

Books and pencils cost money-more every year. With the internet and a laptop or tablet computer students can have access to any number of books and virtually unlimited amounts of data of whatever they choose to research, which provides ease and efficentcy to learn. Technology makes it easier for teachers to see where their students stand in their learning. Sahar Jabeen, a student of Punjab University said, "Education has never been a priority or concern in our country; giving laptops is a great step towards encouraging students to focus on learning."

Ajayi from Nigeria wants corporate organizations and government agencies to embrace at least 50% paper based and paperless operations respectivley

It is against this backdrop the Telecom Answers Associates (TAA), a leading telecommunication commision, brought together information technology experts, academics and captains of industry to chart a way to forward towards making internet access availiable to all Nigerians soon. A concern is that experts say that the braodband and the internet is poor. If Nigerias braodband capacity is expanded and there is distribution of the interent cables to all parts of the country, employment opportunities will be massivley created across the country.

Internet technology company PersonalWeb announced the launch of its latest version of StudyPods

StudyPods is a collaborative social-learning platform for University and college students. It enables students to connect, collaborate and share academic knowledge with eachother. Students can create individual Pods based on their courses; presentations, tests,to homework, notes, and images can be saved on the StudyPods. Students can connect with eachother instantly through chat and notifications.