School Lunch

Reasons To Buy School Lunch

Prices & Accounts

Some of the advantages about school lunches is that kids can buy extra snacks and drinks. Meals can be bought regularly. Accounts provide the safe places for money and doesn't require kids to keep track of their money. Lunch staff tell you when you owe money to the school. You can qualify for free meals (usually 2 meals a day).

Safety & Security

Students are provided with a ID number and ID card which can be used at lunch. Students keep the same ID number.


Students have many nutritious choices with the freedom to choose. Menus are posted online and in the cafeteria, so students can plan ahead.

Nutrition Facts & Quality

Nutritious choices are provided. Each meal comes with a side of fruit or vegetable. School staff is improving food quality. Schools are trying to use fresher products from local farms. Students benefit from healthier food. Lunches are filling and don't tempt students to eat non-healthy snacks afterwards.

Improvement Worldwide

We are happy to report we aren't the only school trying to improve food quality. Other schools in different states are working to improve food quality. Schools are trying to update their meals, use fresher , more nutritious ingredients. The US department of Agriculture have announced new standards for this country's school meals which claims healthier eating habits in students. There are 32 states with lunch programs which equals about 400 school districts.


School Lunch


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