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with Plexus "Magic Combos"

XFactor & Probio5

The season of sickness is upon us and in addition to getting your flu shot, I would highly recommend adding the XFactor Vitamin and Probio5 to you and your family's daily regimen to combat illness, including allergies! Everyone in my family takes these products daily, and the combo has been an incredible help keeping us all well.

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Block & Edge

The season of "good eats" is also beginning - first with the Halloween candy, followed by the Thanksgiving and Christmas pies, and concluding with the New Year's libations! If you are looking to maintain or even lose a few pounds, consider adding Block before your two highest carb meals. It will prevent 48% of those delicious carbs from turning into glucose in your body thus preventing the extra weight from creeping on.

And if you need some extra energy and focus and maybe a little appetite suppressant, consider Edge. LOVING this product for natural, sustained energy throughout the day.

All four of these products are less than $35 each and really can be a complete game changer for your health and wellness. And as always, we have 60 day money back guarantee on every single product.

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