The Ancient Times

Facts about the past of Rome

The Armory of Rome was weird but good.

The armory of Rome considered of many thing from shields to spears, swords and strong and some good looking armor. Some for the everyday soldiers and some for really important people.
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Armor with muscles?

Some of the Roman's armor had muscles in it to show off wealth and to strike fear into others. Most the people that had the muscle armor was wealthy, important or a commander.
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Are armor today is kind of like the Roman's armor back then, but are armor is more made for bullets, the Roman's armor was more for arrows, javelins, daggers, and swords. The Roman's armor was made by overlapping iron for protection, though you see muscles in armor once in awhile this armor was just for everyday soldier.
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The Roman's Weapons

Each Roman Soldier carried a short sword called a Gladius. This was the Soldier's main weapon. The Roman Soldier's carried along with the sword a Pilum, or also known as Javelin. But for defence a strong built scutum(shield). It was made by comprised pieces of bentwood, steam over a form to bend to deflect hits.


The Roman's armory was pretty good, the rich had very nice expensive armor and the normal Roman soldiers had a nice armor that was strong built with iron lapping over each other one. Weapons of choice are the best, a Gladius for close range combat and same, but with the Pilum long range combat. With the protective shield, just two pieces of bentwood.

Just a video to a youtube video about a Roman Gladiator's helmet.

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