1P Newsletter

Term 2

Week 3

This week:

  • Monday - our next coding and PBL lessons, whole school assembly under the COLA at 2:30.

  • Tuesday - scripture/ethics, no sport

  • Wednesday - buddy class activity

  • Thursday - library

  • Friday - sport, homework to be returned

In maths the children will be learning the concept of 'backtracking'. This is the idea that take away undoes adding and adding undoes take away. We will also revise equal groups and be introduced to the term multiplication. In literacy we will be revising strategies for decoding words when meaning is disrupted and to have a go at spelling unknown words in our writing. Topic talks will be assessed over the next few weeks. This will enable the selection of the best candidates from our class to compete against year 2 for the right to represent Coledale Stage 1 children at the COS Public Speaking competition.

Last week:

A huge thank you to Heather, who is helping us to learn new songs.

We enjoyed beautiful weather for the athletics carnival. The children rotated around activities including running and sack races, turbo javelin throwing, parachute games and hurdles. Next year most of our children, those who will be turning 8, will be able to participate in all of the events that the older children do.

Regards, Kerrie