7 easy steps away to saving someones life

The DRSABC action plan

watch you are about to read is the DRSABC action plan.These steps are very important as they can save the lives of many.Maybe a family member, family friend, close friend or even just a stranger.If you were in a dangerous situation, for example you have passed out, had an allergic reaction to something or you have just been hurt, wouldn't you like to be helped out?..............even by a stranger.If so it would be important for you to help another out by using these 7 easy simple steps.


Ensure the area is safe for yourself, others and the patient.


Check for response -ask the patients name.

If no response

  1. send for help

If response

  1. make patient comfortable
  2. check for any possible injuries the patient may have
  3. monitor patients response

SEND for help

Call triple zero (000) for an ambulance or if for any reason you cant ask another person to make the call for you.


open mouth-if foreign region material is present:

  1. place patient in the recovery position
2.clear patients airway with your fingers

open airway by tilting head with a chin lift.


Check for breathing-look, listen and feel.

If breathing of patient is not normal

1.start CPR

If breathing is normal

  1. place patient in recovery position
  2. monitor patients breathing
  3. manage any injuries the patient may have
  4. treat patient for shock


start CPR-30 chest compressions and 2 breaths

continue CPR until help arrives or until the patient has recovered


apply defibrillator if available and follow voice prompts.
So there are the 7 easy steps to saving a life. Simple huh? I hope you enjoyed enjoyed reading this and I'm sure you'll need this steps later on in a major emergency. Share these steps with others. Especially those you care about and maybe even your life could be saved by the hero who were taught this 7 simple steps! Thank you for reading.