Spadaro's Stat Center

We make stats fun for everyone!

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Location: Pittsburgh Pa

We are now hiring local statisticians to help expand our great company! We have fun in our work place and find all kinds of unusual statistics.

About our company

We create weird and crazy facts by going out and taking polls of a ton of people and we use crazy questions. The point of our job is to have a good time and make statistics fun! We have pizza parties every Monday because no one likes Mondays but it will make them better!

Job Description

You have to hold a bachelors degree in statistics. You will be required to use a computer for four hours a day and get along with everyone else in the work area. Your job is finding and interview people to create new crazy statistics!

Pay rate

You will be payed $70,000 a year and after five years you will be given a raise to $73,000 a year, after that your pay is based on your performance and pay is competitive based on who gets the most fun statistics.